Thursday, December 08, 2005

barcelona (english)

i went to barcelona, catalunya
stayed for some days in what they call a mountain
which is not really mountains
not as high as mountains
but not as soft as hills
wild boars digging in the back yard
baby baby boar not far from city roar
which is still and more and more humid
and wet with oxyde and sea steam
thousands of containers and trucks and people
you can see them from high as in a videogame
gigantic ant dance from the mirador in the park of montjuic

they call that a mountain, too
the trees breathe the city gas but at least there are some trees
downtown no more barrio chino
la casbah's breathing cocaìna chinitos chinitos run the pizzeria
pakistani run slow food while their land is shaken down
i'm in pension tarrasòn by the bazar esoterico
not worth the twenty euro
old people coughing their way to the cemeterio
outside everything is fast as messy as can be
nights are packed with people roaming up the streets for bars
real good chocolate bars go up in smoke
tons a day as if everyday especially today was the very last day before the sinking
of Catalunya into the sea

but Catalunya came out of the sea in another dimension than Madrid for example
so you don't have to make the mistake of acting as if you were visiting Spain
cause Spain is Spain
but Catalunya is Catalunya
se parla català
and south americans folks flocking here for work suffer the french trench of the tongue
which is less friendly to them than to me for example
coming from everywhere around this sea
which must be somewhere even in Barcelona
the sea is en la Barceloneta
by long gone dangerous port alleys where your life was worth nothing!
if a black shadow's knife was sharp and fast enough and that easily was
in the city where everything is faster than anywhere else around this sea
just not bewteen 3 and 5 pm

now la Barceloneta is clean
in how many languages can you say "clean"?
and como es que aquì everyone still seems freak?

hiding from the land
hiding the sea or simply hiding from me
hide my self in a gothic cloister
or get a new life like all those bastards
walking up and down the Ramblas chasing tourists just like boars?
"hey amigo where are you from?"
hey i have no idea
yo no se de donde soy
yo soy un hombre de palabras
i aventuras

oct.17, 05

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