Tuesday, December 27, 2005

hazy cd+show of the year

--doctor dave says: eufy, no doubt about it, our enjoyment of no direction home: the soundtrack by the paranoid of rock'n'roll, mr. bob dylan, is way beyond any possible description by both dr_dave him self and mr_haze the other one self--
in particular and in particular tonight, seems that disc 2 has maybe a manufacturing defect, having stuck to the reader lens making impossible to eject it so ok-- let's play it again, bob!
btw, dylan's show we attended this year was maybe not the best we saw but was amazing as always and then-- how obvious, there is always a best one to come so dylan's show will always see most of our personalities in the first ten rows!!! "the cops don't need you here and man they expect the same" dylan--- http://www.bobdylan.com